Hi, I'm Karen

It’s so VERY good to meet you.

I fervently believe our post menopausal years are a time of HUGE potential, possibility and opportunity and it is my privilege (and my passion!) to help you unleash that potential and create a dynamic new vision to take you forward into a fulfilling future.

I’m not sure I ever gave much thought to what my post menopausal years would look like but I certainly don’t recall a ‘dynamic new vision’ being an option on the agenda! And yet, when I look back at what I’ve done since becoming a post menopausal woman, I am truly amazed.

As for so many of us, it turned out to be a natural time to reflect and take stock of my life. I asked myself if I was headed in the direction I wanted to go – professionally and personally – and whether the way I was spending my time and energy was still meaningful and fulfilling to me.

And guess what?

The answer to both questions was no…. which, I have to say, threw me into a bit of a tailspin! I knew I had so much still to offer, so much potential as yet unfilled, so much energy… but absolutely no idea what to do with it! I now know that energy has a name – post menopausal zest!

I talk a lot about Post Menopausal Zest because 60 years after the term was first coined by the renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead – SIXTY YEARS – this untapped phenomenon is STILL largely ignored.

Things are slowly changing but the portrayal and representation of Third Age women in the media still lags woefully behind the reality!  I really wanted to challenge thinking and attitudes around the current notions of ageing and create a special personal development programme that gets to the heart of the challenges and opportunities moving into this phase of life presents to women.

And so, Prime Time Possibilities was born!  Actually, it’s been an ongoing EVOLUTION. I’ve worked with this generation for 15 years and as they (and I) have evolved, so too has my coaching focus. I now have the joy and privilege of working with one of THE most dynamic demographics on the planet – post menopausal women!

If not now, when?

When I finally discovered coaching – after being coached myself – I instantly knew I’d found my ‘thing’ – the square hole into which my square peg fitted perfectly! 

I knew it was my ‘If not now, when?’ moment… and so, throwing caution to the wind, I decided to re-train as a personal development coach when I turned 50… and it’s been one helluva journey! But despite the ups and downs, the tears and the tantrums, I’ve absolutely LOVED creating something which combines my passion and purpose. I am at my happiest when I’m helping other women do the same. I feel very blessed.

It took a while for my passion and purpose to align!

Before this, I had what might be termed ‘an eclectic mix’ of careers – teaching, training, designing and compiling questions for a television quiz to name but a few! 

Some of these were considerably more successful and enjoyable than others but without doubt, the ones which lit me up the most and gave me the greatest satisfaction and joy have been those in which I’ve had the privilege of being able to make a difference to the lives of others.

Bringing out the best in people and helping them fulfil their potential are the things that really float my boat…  and always has done.

I also have a strong creative side which, combined with my teaching skills feeds into my ability to design processes and programmes which get people where they want to go in a way that’s quick, aligned and most of all, FUN!

Coaching is my passion.

I love its simplicity and its power to connect us to our ‘spark’, our inspiration and our inner wisdom.

But above all, I love its power to inspire and galvanise us into action. 

But I can still remember questioning my decision to retrain as a coach in my 50’s and asking myself, ‘Can I REALLY do this? Do I go with my gut instinct, or am I mad to do this at this stage in my life?’

Having read this far you’ll know I decided to trust my instinct and it’ll probably come as no surprise to learn that it was one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made.

I share this with you now simply to illustrate how our dreams and desires at 50, 60, 70 and beyond, can become an enormously powerful catalyst for creation… whether that be starting an enterprise of your own, volunteering, mentoring, campaigning, writing a book…. you name it, you CAN do it. 

There’s still a lot of living and learning ahead!

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It’s been called post menopausal zest, zeal and even zing… but no matter what you call it, it is without doubt a wonderfully powerful phenomenon!

the key to unlock your purpose

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Sometimes it seems like everyone around you is discovering their purpose and setting off to make their dreams into reality… and here you are, stuck on this basic question.

If the only certainty in life is change, you’d think we’d be better at it by the time we reach our Third Age!

Like it or not, we ARE changing! What’s less certain, is how we navigate this change as we transition into our next chapter.

It's time to get proactive

Start exploring this opportunity to create something personally fulfilling and meaningful for this very special time of your life.