Is this you?

  • You’re a post menopausal woman with PMZ* coursing through your  veins…. even though you’re not totally sure what to do with it! *Post Menopausal Zest.
  • You’re too young to be old… and you’re certainly NOT ‘past it’!
  • You’re excited and looking forward to what’s ahead.
  • You’ve reached a point in life where ‘time’ is too precious to waste procrastinating.
  • Your ‘next evolution’ is calling and you’re energised by the prospect of starting something new for the next chapter.
  • You’re looking to create a revitalised vision that invigorates and stretches you.
  • You welcome ‘change’ as an opportunity for personal growth.
  • You feel as though you’re just coming into your own.
  • You want to get intentional about how you spend your time and energy in the years ahead.
... you have a light to shine, a contribution to make and a purpose to share.

What will you do now with the gift of your left life?

Carol Ann Duffy

If you’ve found yourself thinking, ‘That’s just like ME!” as you were reading, I’m so very glad you’ve found your way here to my little corner of the web. 

One thing is certain, our post menopausal year can be a wonderful catalyst for creation… whether that be creating legacy and impact, starting an enterprise of your own, volunteering, mentoring, campaigning, writing a book…. you name it, you CAN do it. 

I’m delighted that you ARE here and what I really want to do at this point is to encourage you to take the next step and follow the momentum and inspiration that brought you here. 

It’s time to explore and discover what’s possible.

It’s time to start.